Mary the Mother of God

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Early Christians referred to the Virgin Mary as Theotokos which means Mother of God in Greek. Although the Bible does not have any description of Jesus growing up with his mother we know something about what role women played in Jesus society during the time of Jesus. It is likely that Mary was a typical Jewish mother of her time teaching Jesus how to live as a human in Hebrew society.

Jewish mothers played specific roles in society but it was laced in modesty. The concept of Tzenuah meant they just went forth with life regardless of the burden placed on them. They were not showy or talkative. This is described in Psalm 45:13 (NRSVUE) which says …with all kinds of wealth. The princess is decked in her chamber with gold-woven robes. Jewish mothers were primarily responsible for bearing and raising children. Never the less, the continuity of the Jewish people depended on mothers fulfilling this role. They were the ones responsible to teach their children about the Hebrew religion including prayers and rituals. Unlike other tribes of that time they never practiced infanticide.

In the Gospel of Luke 1:28(NRSVUE), Mary is greeted by the angel Gabriel with the words “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you (full of grace was the previous translation) .The Greek word found in early writing is kecharitomene which conveys a unique state of favor, blessing, and divine grace. Which is why favored one is now used over full of grace. For some this meant she had a special state unlike other women. Although Catholic doctrine is that she was free from original sin but that is not clearly stated in scripture.

Some Christians belief Mary remained a virgin her whole life but the Bible says Jesus had siblings The Gospels of Mark and Matthew name four of his brothers: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas as well as sisters. Where they biological or spiritual siblings ?

Traditionally Mary is seen as the prime example of humility and obedience to God. After the crucifixion she is mentioned to be a part of a group of Christian disciples devoted to prayer as described in Acts 1:14(NRSVUE)  All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer, together with certain women, including Mary the mother of Jesus, as well as his brothers.

Professor Tony Magana

Dr. Tony Magana is Professor Emeritus in Neurosurgery who spent many years doing international teaching and research including 10 years in Ethiopia. Over the past 15 years he concomitantly intensified his Christian faith through study and worship through the Episcopal Church. He grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Attended Texas A&M University, Harvard Medical School, and trained at the University of Miami. Additionally he took the University of South Education for Ministry as well as attending the Southeast Florida Episcopal Diocesan School for Christian Studies.
Professor Tony Magana, a seasoned neurosurgeon, has not only dedicated his life to medical practice but also embarked on a profound spiritual journey. Over the past 15 years, he has deepened his Christian faith through study and worship within the Episcopal Church. His experiences span international teaching, research, and a decade of service in Ethiopia
Dr. Tony Magana’s writings blend faith, compassion, and wisdom, inviting readers to explore the intersection of spirituality and the human experience. His journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking deeper connections with faith and humanity.

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