The Pentecost turns a curse into a blessing

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Once before God had created multiple tongues to disperse the disobedient but now multiple tongues would be used to unite the faithful with God the story of the Pentecost Acts:1-7(NSRVUE)

The ancient Jews where required to attend three feasts per year including Shavuot . Many were arriving in Jerusalem to attend at the Temple of David. Also there were Christ’s disciples who had been gathering to hear Peter speak. They planned to baptize the new Christians in the mikveh baths on the temple grounds. In this time period after Christ’s departure to heaven word has spread widely about the new hope given by the Messiah. Peter and the eleven disciples wanted to spread the Word of God beyond Jerusalem but most of the converts were Judean or Galilean who knew no other languages.

Thousands of years before the Pentecost, the people of the city of Babel as told in Genesis 11:1-9 (NRSVUE) who survived the great flood decided to disobey God’s order to disperse throughout the earth and live their lives following God’s law. Instead they choose to stay in one place to concentrate their power. They would speak one language and make up their own law defying God’s order to disperse. They began to build buildings out of tar and brick instead of stone and mortar as God had told them. They would build a tower so tall that it could survive any flood and be able to look God in the face to defy him. God destroyed this tower of defiance and rendered each person to speak a new language so that the former fellow city dwellers departed.

After the great multitude had been baptized, the eleven Christ disciples retired to a room in the temple when they suddenly heard a great wind which was inside and around the temple grounds. They looked outside and saw their new flock of mostly Judeans and Galileans speaking the languages of Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. Many had flames over their head. At first some thought they were drunk but Peter assured them this was the prophecy of Joel coming true that God would pour out his Spirit. Now they could begin to spread the Word Christ had ordained them to do. The message of Christ to love God and love thy neighbor is universal in any language.

Professor Tony Magana

Dr. Tony Magana is Professor Emeritus in Neurosurgery who spent many years doing international teaching and research including 10 years in Ethiopia. Over the past 15 years he concomitantly intensified his Christian faith through study and worship through the Episcopal Church. He grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Attended Texas A&M University, Harvard Medical School, and trained at the University of Miami. Additionally he took the University of South Education for Ministry as well as attending the Southeast Florida Episcopal Diocesan School for Christian Studies.
Professor Tony Magana, a seasoned neurosurgeon, has not only dedicated his life to medical practice but also embarked on a profound spiritual journey. Over the past 15 years, he has deepened his Christian faith through study and worship within the Episcopal Church. His experiences span international teaching, research, and a decade of service in Ethiopia
Dr. Tony Magana’s writings blend faith, compassion, and wisdom, inviting readers to explore the intersection of spirituality and the human experience. His journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking deeper connections with faith and humanity.

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