Will Angel Studio’s Bonhoeffer be authentic?

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Will Angel Studios upcoming Bonhoeffer movie be authentic or present him as a right wing political Christian evangelical he was not? Historical and religious works are powerful instruments of influence on faith and society. The Episcopal Church regards Bonhoeffer as a theologian worthy of note. I have great respect for the previous works of Angel studios especially The Chosen which has involved clergy review boards in the production.

One of the greatest dangers in American society today is the easy public acceptance of literature portending to be authoritative about religion or history. The third century, Doctor of the Church, Origen described that in reading scripture we must analyze it’s purpose including the literal, spiritual, and moral meaning. We must know why the author wrote the text understanding the underlying culture and intent.

Eric Metaxas’s biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer for example was written by the author to convince the reader that Bonhoeffer was forerunner of the modern Christian conservative political movement . Metaxas is a radio host whose major focus in life is promoting radical conservatism. His description of Bonhoeffer was widely countered as glaringly false by sources and authorities who have carefully reviewed the life and works of Bonhoeffer as well as being official holders of his work. He chose bits and pieces of Bonhoeffer’s life from some work’s without consulting those who knew him, studied him, or hold his works.

Victoria J. Barnett, General Editor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, English Edition and Director of Church Relations, U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum described Metaxas’s book as a “badly flawed book” which misunderstood Bonhoeffer’s theology and misstated or omitted important historical events in Bonhoeffer’s life in order to insinuate the author’s intentions not Bonhoeffer’s reality.

The only information so far I can find is that the Angel Studio movie was written by a writer, Todd Kamarnicki, who worked on the Marvel inspired X Men. In the Press Kit there is no mention of any other source other then to say it will be authentic.

Angel Studios will do a great service to the world if it presents a truly authentic story about Dietrich Bonhoeffer not as the nefariously conjured right-wing political activist but as a complicated Christian humanist immersed in a twisted society of hate and blasphemy who sacrificed his life to serve others.

Professor Tony Magana https://myfindinggrace.com

Dr. Tony Magana is Professor Emeritus in Neurosurgery who spent many years doing international teaching and research including 10 years in Ethiopia. Over the past 15 years he concomitantly intensified his Christian faith through study and worship through the Episcopal Church. He grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Attended Texas A&M University, Harvard Medical School, and trained at the University of Miami. Additionally he took the University of South Education for Ministry as well as attending the Southeast Florida Episcopal Diocesan School for Christian Studies.
Professor Tony Magana, a seasoned neurosurgeon, has not only dedicated his life to medical practice but also embarked on a profound spiritual journey. Over the past 15 years, he has deepened his Christian faith through study and worship within the Episcopal Church. His experiences span international teaching, research, and a decade of service in Ethiopia
Dr. Tony Magana’s writings blend faith, compassion, and wisdom, inviting readers to explore the intersection of spirituality and the human experience. His journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking deeper connections with faith and humanity.

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